Date: 24 Jan 2017
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price: Free Entry

The Workman’s Club presents


Table Tennis Competition

Get Up Craic Creek With A Paddle!

Tournament runs Jan 24th-26th

Qualifiers: Tuesday, 24 Jan / Wednesday, 25 Jan

FINAL: Thursday, 26 Jan

To register email

Well, well, well. Happy New Year to you! Now, we’ve been big on New Year’s resolutions, as long as they aren’t too taxing and we don’t have to work up too much of a sweat. If YOUR resolution is getting sporty then we have just the thing to ease you in gently.  Do you love the idea of getting on the court and slamming some aces but don’t fancy the commitment of actually running? Do you need a tournament you can enter on a whim without weeks of preparation and still have a chance of winning? Do you enjoy a cold scoop whilst in the middle of a game? Set your game face to ‘stunned’ as we bring you The Workman’s Club’s Bi-annual Battle of the Paddles – BACK for its 6th year.

Here’s how it works: To qualify for the finals on Thursday, 26th January you need to come to ours on either Tuesday, 24 or Wednesday, 25 January. (If you don’t qualify on Tuesday, you can always try again on Wednesday. It’s like that old saying – ‘if at first you don’t succeed then show up again the very next night with sweatbands on and give it another lash’) Entry is free, sure what have you got to lose?

You can pre-register by emailing us – or by just coming along by 7 o’clock SHARP on the night. (Pre-registering guarantees you a spot – and fair warning, our last tournament was rammed, so do apply to avoid sad faces.) You’ll have a chance to practice and eye up the competition (trash talk is ALWAYS welcome). The Tournament kicks off at 8pm on the dot. The tournament will run on until we get a winner! (FYI, we LOVE sports that take place in bars and can potentially run until very very late)

Like any self-respecting sportsperson, we assume you’re wondering ‘What’s in it for me, huh?’ There will be all kinds of spot prizes on EACH night – and a mega-sound big prize for the overall winner on Thursday night! We’ll be revealing the prizes on our Facebook and Twittles, so if you need inspiration, keep ‘em peeled on those channels, we shall reveal all shortly

 For those of you who didn’t listen to your ma when she said ‘it’s not winning that matters but it’s the taking part that counts’ and would prefer to be a spectator there will be a host of things to see and do. Mad table tennis skillz. Exquisite cocktails. Frothy pints. Deadly atmosphere AND some downright comical choons! It’s kind of like Wimbledon. But more craic and less strawberries.


Paddlers, mount up!