Gigonometry’s Summer Special – 3 nights in June – Fri

Date: 09 Jun 2017
Time: 12 midnight
Ticket Price: €5

Gigonometry’s Summer Special – 3 nights in June.



Fri: Fiction Peaks

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Press Release

The success of the inaugural ‘Best Of’ quarterly gig in March pointed to an appetite for more, so we’ve responded with a 3-nighter in The Workmans Club in June.

Thurs June 8th is our regular monthly gig, and features the exciting new act Motions, guitar rockers Pearl, indie act Empathy, and the highly acclaimed Saramai.

Friday June 9th features the hot 5-piece Dublin outfit Fiction Peaks in a special midnight performance, whilst Sat June 10th is the quarterly ‘Best Of’ gig, and features previous Gigo acts Three Underneath, Youth Mass, Changing Gears, & Bayonets.


Friday June 9th (special midnight show featuring Fiction Peaks)

Fiction Peaks

Fiction Peaks formed in 2013 and have released 3 EPs to quiet acclaim, before the launch this April of the magnificent ‘Citizen’ full-length album. Their music has been described as a mixture of alternative rock and indie pop with an electronic 80’s vibration. The 5-piece Dublin-based band augment their sound with effects boxes, drum machines, synthesizers, spoken word, string embellishments & backing vocals, resulting in a dynamic live show.

9/10: Ambitious and eclectic debut from hot Dublin outfit […] at every turn , the Dublin five-piece prove that they have the mettle to deliver on their musical ambitions. Hot Press

Cool, melodic alt-rock of highest order Ralph McClean, BBC Radio Ulster

Before the End marks a compelling precursor to a full-length album from Fiction Peaks

 An enthralling intro into their first full-length outing – single of the week The Last Mixed Tape

The video for ‘Before The End’ ( Dublin five-piece Fiction Peaks is a slow-burning alt-pop effort drawing parallels between personal strife and the broader backdrop of the Zeitgeist The Thin Air

About Gigonometry is an online group of live music lovers. The 3,000+ members aka Gigonometrists are constantly meeting up to go to gigs and festivals together, share musical as well as gig experiences, and generally enjoy being in the company of fellow music enthusiasts! Gigonometry Presents… is their monthly fix of up and coming original acts; the shows are highly sought after by bands due to the enthusiastic, listening audiences. Each month is highly anticipated by acts and audience, who each play their part in the symbiosis that occurs.

Post gig interviews are videoed immediately after each act performs and are available to view on our Youtube channel at is free to join, and entitles members to discounts on this and other gigs, as well as the opening of a vast array of live music opportunities.