We-Bloom Presents – Live Sexy Techno Party (SHFST)

Date: 20 Jan 2017
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: Free Entry

We-Bloom hosts its first ever all night party with a certain Live Sexy Techno Party group.

Schindler’s Fist – unknown

“Probably the freshest, most profound statement of post-ironic neo-counterculture pre-trumpism we have seen in all of 2017” – The New Yorker

“Awww this is Pure Düüürt”- Angela Merkel

“If you take a picture of me I will make you disappear” – Enda Kenny

“Shizah, that tickles” – The Sunday Jaw

Slapping Boys Bottoms – https://www.facebook.com/SlappingBoysBottoms

improvised experimental performative slap jazz / ROCK! / hip-hop / shamanic / slapslap / bottom bashing / techno / cosmic krautrock / sesh music / ballads / dubtrap / childrens songs / collective

Dowry – https://www.facebook.com/dowrymusic

Éna Brennan is a Dublin-based composer/musician originally from Brussels. Éna studied Music, Drama and Composition in Trinity College Dublin and has played violin with Trinity Orchestra, the Hibernian Orchestra, Téada Orchestra and a plethora of Dublin-based bands, as well as sung in a host of choirs. She currently predominantly plays with bands Tandem Felix and Bad Sea, as well as her own solo music under the name of ‘dowry’. Éna is an active composer in Dublin and has written for a variety of ensembles that she has performed in herself, ranging from choral chamber works to hour-long arrangements for full orchestra and choir.

Robbie Stickland – https://soundcloud.com/sticklandrobbie/sets/acoustic-shpoostic

PHASES (DJ set till late) – https://www.facebook.com/phasesdublin

Phases are a Dublin based collective, bringing THEMVIBES the dancefloor. We run musically eclectic parties where THEMVIBES come first. No nonsense, no pouting, just sunglasses indoors and discoballs everywhere.

Some more info on Schindler’s Fist

‘They remain anonymous to the public and famous in ze privates but whispers of their resemblance to members of SpudGun, Wastefellow and Æ MAK have been suspiciously hushed in some of the darker corners of this city.’

Edle Damen und liebe Herren.
Kommt zusammen und spürt den Schweiß,
direkt an euren Beinen heiß.
Sobald die Lichter ermatten,
trifft euch die Zeit für Schindler’s Fist sogleich.
Es erwarten euch hundertfünfundzwanzig Beats per Minutes, ‘Pure Dürt’ Basslinien,
welche das Kirchendach weg beamen.