Aiken Promotions present ALEXIS TAYLOR

Date: 15 Sep 2016
Time: 8pm
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Aiken Promotions present


September 15th

The Workman’s Club

Hot Chip front man Alexis Taylor pares everything back to just piano and

voice for an intimate record of new songs, reinterpretations of his own writing,

and a selection of favourites both well-known and unheard before by other

artists. Recorded at Hackney Road Studios by Shuta Shinoda, Piano

invites the listener to be privy to a very private recital, with Alexis’ vocal and

piano captured live and up-close, preserving each beautiful moment.

“I had always wanted to make a loose and to some extent unplanned piano

record – partly inspired by an un-made but suggested Alex Chilton solo piano

LP that a friend of mine told me about 15 years ago or so. I began one a few

years back which then morphed into the second About Group LP – but the

idea stayed in the back of my mind all the while.

“The idea with this record was to choose songs of my own and others’ that

were personal to me and to document live performances which were intimate

and unadorned. I wanted to reduce everything to the barest elements, record

a great piano well and do as little as possible to the recordings eq or effects-
wise. The mood created on the record is pretty different from that on other

records I have been involved with. It feels like a special place to be able to go


Piano is a very personal and private record in some respects, but one which

looks outward to celebrate lives of friends now passed, as well as love for

those closest to us, and music itself.

“After it was completed Piano struck me as a sort of gospel record in places –

albeit an atheist’s gospel album, if that’s possible. ‘In The Light of the Room’,

Elvis’s ‘Crying In The Chapel’, the hymnal ‘I Never Lock That Door’, and the

miracle-referencing ‘So Much Further To Go’ – they have that feel to them for

me lyrically and musically. But the Miracles in ‘So Much Further’ are Smokey’s

as much as anything Biblical, and the reference to both silence and music

filling the air reflects the album’s observations about absence, loss, repair and

surrender to love and sound. The song is one I was really happy with when I

first wrote it partly because it offered some mystery to me – I didn’t fully

understand it. After a close friend and collaborator passed away during the

making of this record – actually someone who I had asked to contribute small

string parts to it – I felt I understood it all too well:

‘Life a miracle – a miracle that’s hard to bear’”

As well as Hot Chip’s six studio albums the band has released a wealth of

material scattered across EPs, stand-alone singles, compilation exclusives,

remixes, and covers.

Thus far Alexis has released two LPs and an EP under his own name, as well

as three further albums of material performed with the semi-improvisational

About Group. Additionally, Alexis has crafted side projects such as Booji Boy

High and collaborated with Wiley, Peter Gabriel Will Oldham, Fimber Bravo,

Bernard Sumner, Robert Wyatt, Justus Köhncke, Green Gartside, The

Memory Band, James Yorkston and David Byrne among many others.