Amoon + ¡NO

Date: 15 Sep 2017
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: Free Entry

Writing, composing, improvising and playing music makes the world seem less like an isolated rock of intolerance at the arse end of the galaxy.

This Show will be a “Fullmoon” set, and will be performed as a 3 piece featuring Diarmuid MacDiarmada (drums), Dave Mooney (bass, percussion, electronics) and Andy Mooney (guitar, electronics, samples). The aim of this set will be to sonically strip the flesh from your bones, psychedelically massage your inards, and the reattach said flesh via skewing aural vibrations. Musically the set will be a mix of rehearsed compisitions and improvised freakouts.

¡NO! is a New Psychedelic Direct Improv band co-founded in 2013 by Fergus Cullen, Jamie Davis, Damien Lennon and (formerly) Graham Montgomery. A combo of classical and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalists and auto-didactic musicians, their sound comprises influences ranging from psychedelic, krautrock, post-prog and no-wave, to free jazz, avant-garde and electronica. ¡NO! members have previously joined forces with diverse experimental musicians including Damo Suzuki, Glenn Branca, Alfred 23 Harth and Itaru Oki. The band is committed to free musical expressivism and the spread of more adventurous forms to wider audiences. They formerly curated the monthly Concrete Soup Improv residency in Dublin.