Date: 19 Dec 2023
Time: 8PM (The Cellar)
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Its her incredible vocals that resonate. When mercurial, she is reminiscent of the gutsy Karen O.When the pace slows, the respectful tone evokes Kristin Hersh. (Sunday Times)

Someone who sings like an ethereal Patti Smith and writes like Virginia Woolf..raw, unsettling, unconventional and emotive (Sunday Independent)

That the music is always quality is a given, but what invests Animals with an extra edge is Dowling’s attention to the small but important stuff, the nitty-gritty details that too many other songwriters tend to miss or gloss over. **** (Irish Times)


If you’re someone who, at any point over the last 20 years, had so much as a passing interest in Irish music, you’ve undoubtedly been touched by Cat Dowling. An artist who defines endurance, you will have heard Cat’s emotive & unconventional vocals on the airwaves, you may have heard her slow-burning melodies soundtrack pivotal moments of TV & film (Bad Sisters, Banshee, Witches of East End) – or you might even have been lucky enough to have caught one of her electric live performances. Put simply, Cat Dowling has been woven into the fabric of female lead Irish dark pop – and remains one of our most impressive voices in the genre.


Like the spiritual sisters of Joni Mitchell, Martha Wainwright, Warpaint and Lisa Hannigan, Dowling is a powerhouse of chamber-folk, whose raspy tones create an acapella ambience that lingers with a soft vulnerability and sumptuous sensuality.


Her voice has always been lauded as one of the most wonderful and evocative in Irish contemporary music.

Her varying shades of pop noir lathered with those husky and achingly intimate vocals will draw you in and grip you from the outset.
Dowling has fronted numerous music projects, the last of which was babel fish which quickly morphed into the more successful electro/dream-pop band, Alphastates.

As the front woman and main songwriter with alphastates, she gained many admirers for her energy on the live stage and for her hushed and raw deliveries. Comparisons to Liz Frazer, Beth Gibbons, Karen O, Amanda Palmer, Feist and Kristen Hersh have regularly appeared.

In 2013, her debut solo album “The Believer” was released to critical acclaim and featured in many ‘Best of 2013’ polls including The Sunday Times amongst others. The opening track “The Believer” featured as a closing track on the groundbreaking second series of Banshee produced by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty, True Blood). It also appeared on the TV Series “Witches of East End” featuring Julia Ormond.

“Somebody Else” was featured in the highly received ‘My name is Emily’ alongside Lisa Hannigan, Jake Bugg and James Vincent McMorrow.

Cat has lent her vocals on many collaborative projects, the most recent of which, was selected for a closing track on ABC’s How to get away with Murder with Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis. The Believer has also appeared on TV3’s production of Smother.  Trouble, taken from her current album Animals has appeared in Season One of Bad Sisters (Eve Hewson, Sharon Horgan) currently airing on Apple TV (alongside PJ Harvey, The Velvet Underground, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Fiona Apple, The Pogues and Laura Marling and others).

Her latest album Animals is both simultaneously stark and lush with an innate authenticity and rawness at its heart. The beautiful ambient and eclectic soundscapes shine throughout however it’s always her compelling and arresting vocals that truly and consistently resonate.