Chewing on Tinfoil (rec release) + Anna’s Anchor & Pillow Queens

Date: 09 Sep 2017
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €8

There is a gig happening on Saturday September 9th in the Workman’s Club in Dublin City in Ireland. It’s going to be good aswell I’d say cosChewing on TinfoilAnna’s Anchor, and Pillow Queens are playing! Doors are at 8pm and it’s €8 in.

It’s a record release gig for our “Moving the Goalposts” EP on cool looking blue vinyl. I haven’t actually seen them in the flesh cos the pressing plant made a bit of a booboo but I’ve been assured we’ll have them in time so I just photoshopped a pic of the white one to match the pantone colour we ordered so there you go. Hopefully they look like that. And hopefully they show up before the gig, lololol (yikes emoji)

Anna’s Anchor are playing as a full band which is nice and not something that they always do. Marty is also a nice man who maintains that Limerick is a nice place, which I’m happy to take his word for. Check out some music and watch their video for “Summer Camp” below:

Pillow Queens are fresh off a pretty cool UK tour after having their 2016 “Calm Girls” EP released on Specialist Subject Records last month, which is all deadly. Check out the “Calm Girls” EP and music video for “Rats” below:

Some chewy links that you might like to have would be for our music and a couple of music vids so here you go:

So yeah everyone’s invited as long as you all promise to be nice and not be nasty to anyone xx