Christian Cohle 360º A/V Show

Date: 23 Mar 2024
Time: 8pm (Main Room)
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Christian Cohle comes to The Workmans Club Main Room for a very special once off immersive 360 audio and visual show experience. With Christian in the round, the audience will surround him, and hear parts of the music move and weave from different angles of the venue with 360 ° spatial sound! On the back of his recent album release WETLANDS, praised for its deep atmospherics and for being an all encompassing sonic experience, this should take things to an entirely new level!



Cohle is an enigmatic artist, who has performed mostly between Ireland, Germany, and the UK, and has released two albums so far with a lot of media support to date. ie CLASH, Nialler9, MOJO and more. With plays on BBC 6 music by Tom Ravenscroft, and playlist placement on some of the biggest electronic/ambient playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. He has performed at Irish festivals Another Love Story and Other Voices.
Often referred to as “Dublins answer to James Blake” (MOJO Magazine) due to being a solo singer/songwriter artist with his electronica influenced style…
But it’s his voice, and deeply atmospheric cinematic productions that make Cohles music so cathartic and unique. Truly an act to watch out for!
(WETLANDS REVIEW – A sonic companion to noir films like In the Mood For Love)
And so it goes, Wetlands explores the convergent point between introspection and extrospection. The world of Wetlands is immense, populated by busy rain-soaked streets and shimmering neon lights that buzz throughout the night. But much like Kar-Wai In The Mood For Love it’s people who capture the imagination within these grand, dominant spaces. Christian Cohle’s keeps focus, ensuring that his voice guides us through, telling his story and leaving us wanting to explore Wetlands further.