Date: 02 Aug 2018
Time: 8pm
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The Workman’s Club presents



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Thursday 2 August


Not every new band has to burst out from a bustling scene to be legitimised. In fact, often it’s the artists who exist completely within their own realm that become the most compelling talents. Dublin-based four piece Cloud Castle Lake may make beguiling, complicated and bold compositions, but theirs is a breed of experimentation totally individual to their own searching experience, and they share a common ambition to push the lens of live performance wider, to go outside the constrictions set by genre names, and to explore beyond traditional sonic structures, offering listeners a challenging, immersive escape from the world outside. Their show at The Workman’s Club on Thursday, 2 August will provide such an escape.


When lead vocalist, synth player and lyricist Daniel McAuley (27) met bassist Rory O’Connor (27) and guitarist/pianist Brendan William Jenkinson (27) in boarding school as a young teenager, he didn’t have any musical tendencies. He didn’t even realise he could sing! For a guy who has a falsetto that seems higher than Thom Yorke and Wild Beast’s Hayden Thorpe combined, that information comes as quite a shock.


Via local battle of the band contests and performances, it soon dawned on them that what they’d conjured together out of a mutual affection for Radiohead and Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin and Bjork, was really working and that they should stick with it and see where it could take them. They took the name Cloud Castle Lake after a Vladimir Nabokov short story of the same name, a tale about a voyager who finds a place so beautiful he wants to spend the rest of his life there, but is cruelly dragged back to reality, physically beaten by his fellow travellers. Similarly, Cloud Castle Lake’s music juxtaposes lyrical darkness and despair with an almost euphoric catharsis, spurned on by crescendo-ing choruses, McAuley’s sky-high vocals and gorgeous rhythmic flourishes. It’s the sound of an intangible beauty that temporarily pulls you into an idyllic reality.


Newest recruit – drummer Brendan Doherty (22) – joined the band only two years ago, and has been instrumental in evolving their sound from the post-rock leanings of their 2014 debut LP ‘Dandelion’ to something far more jazz-inflected, electronic and indelibly liberated on their forthcoming follow-up album ‘Malingerer’, which itself draws on different influences, and American jazz composers such as Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders.


Recorded in Donegal , the band hunkered down in Attica Studios [Villlagers, Sam Smith] with acclaimed producer Rob Kirwan, known for his work with PJ Harvey on ‘Let England Shake’ and Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’.


The invigoration that Cloud Castle Lake has felt off the back of recording ‘Malingerer’ has already made them more productive than ever. They’ve recently finished a score for short film ‘Ballet Atha Cliath’ and they’re already talking about writing for their third record. But first and foremost, their main focus is on building their live performance before an ever-growing fanbase. With ambitions to tour America, the UK and Europe, they’re eager to build on providing the type of transportive atmosphere for others that they themselves relish together.


Join Cloud Castle Lake at The Workman’s Club on Thursday, 2 August! Tickets are just €10 and go on sale this morning at 10 am from TicketWeb and Ticketmaster


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The Workman’s Club presents

Cloud Castle Lake

Thursday 2 August

Door Time: 8pm / Ticket price: €10

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