Ewa Gigon

Date: 13 Jan 2018
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket Price: €10

Ewa Gigon is a polish singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.
Present on independent scene since 2004, among others, she made appearance on Ballroom of Romance, Magical Girl, Ruby Sessions, Spirit of Voice, Beyond the Bookshelf and Lady Fest Berlin.
” Her ethereal vocal styling simmer with tense emotion (…)
bringing us into a world of delicate dreams and abandon”(E. Sheehy)
“(She ) …Sings! with a voice that goes from a terrifying air raid siren to the seductive sirens of Greek mythology” (D.M.)
“It’s like when she’s on stage, there’s a life in the house and something you haven’t seen before will happen” (S. M.)

Ewa’s performances vary each time and may incorporate vocals, live looping, synth , piano, saxophone and everyday things ,all used to build up unique harmony or cacophony of sounds and creating a well planned musical picture.

Last Eden

Last Eden is Aileen Wallace. Wallace is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound artist. Last Eden unites her passion for ambient music, improvisation, and sound art. It is through these mediums which she creates immersive and thoughtful sonic worlds via beckoning soundscapes and ethereal, saturated guitars. Last Eden also features ambient producer, Alan Massey. Both Wallace and Massey favour the use of 4-track recorders, tape loops, and ambient noise in their combined practice coupled with evokative and mesmerising visuals.

Lady Death Walker

Dalliance with Lady Death into the realm of the haunted melodies

Neraki Rose and more special guests!

Doors :7.30
Tickets : 10 euros

50% of proceedings will go to Girls Rock Dublin