Gigonometry Presents…..Able Archer, The Choir Invisible, Cut Once & Johnny Rayge

Date: 11 Feb 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Ticket Price: €8/€5(students/unemployed)

Gig Title: Gigonometry Presents…..Able Archer, The Choir Invisible, Cut Once & Johnny Rayge

Date: February 11th

Door Time: 7.30pm

Ticket Price: €8/€5(students/unemployed)

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Press Release
The February line-up sees the return of the excellent agit-rock outfit Able Archer, art-rock act The Choir Invisible, the arch electronic duo Cut Once, and a special solo performance from the wonderfully melodic Dublin institution that is Johnny Rayge.

Able Archer
Dublin rock band Able Archer were born in early 2012 out of the ashes of bands that had graced the Irish music scene for almost 10 years. Their critically acclaimed debut Bullets was released in 2013 and drew comparisons to the likes of Soundgarden and Depeche Mode.
Able Archer returned in 2014 with their diverse second EP, The Trouble with Strangers, exploring new territories with their explosive single Ghostmaker, and the darkly tinged electronic pop single The Warden, both of which gained significant radio play throughout the UK and Ireland.
With a big sound, and formidable live show, the band have toured the length and breadth of Ireland and the UK, regularly filling venues and drawing rave reviews.

“… (Ghostmaker) is a belter of a tune” John Barker, 98fm
“Ghostmaker leaves you exhausted and basking in another irrepressible slice of Able Archer excellence” RingMaster Review, London
“Sounds of an early U2” Ian Dempsey, Today FM
“The subtle synth and electronic sounds provide an extra dimension and colour to their music that sets them apart” Goldenplec
“I can’t adequately put into words how strong this EP is… These guys need just one big break and they’ll take the country by storm, and then with any luck, the world” Chewyourownfat

The Choir Invisible
The Choir Invisible have emerged from their hibernation, and we are delighted to have them return to Gigonometry Presents. A few months ago, in a borrowed caravan in the remote Burren region on the Atlantic seaboard, guitarist Felix LeMans finished writing The Choir Invisible’s new album, About Last Night. The first to be heard is the single version of Waiting Room, a raucous glam stomp of distressed guitars and sleazy organs, as singer Alan Black forces the issue: “It’s the saddest thing you’ll ever see/Waiting in line for your dignity.”

With new members and new sounds, the time has come to bring things to the stage and carefully prepare their debut album. It consists of ten new pieces, each radical in its own way, each with a sense of purpose and subversion and theatre: one a gigantic wall of sound arranged around four minutes of dialogue, another a work of elaborate orchestral surprise. But enough of that for now. The arrival of their new single, Waiting Room, indicates a band entering a whirlwind phase of energy and creativity: the wait is over.

Listen to the sublime Lukas here..

Cut Once
Michael Heffernan and Aisling Browne (ex-Katie Kim) joined forces in September 2014 to create a sound that both felt a need to adhere to. After meeting in Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios where Michael is Head Engineer, the two had worked on various projects together. During these sessions the pair soon realised that their interest, taste and overall vision were almost identical so they decided to join forces. With no intent on a chosen genre or direction Cut Once went aimlessly into the recording studio and blindly recorded what then became the foundation of their sound…….

Watch: Cut Once’s music video for the single ‘Playing With Fire’

‘’Aisling Browne and Michael Heffernan’s electronic pop project has roots in techno and dark clubs as evident on Heffernan’s production identity. Anchoring that tendency for dark sounds, Browne provides an uplifting counterpoint. On their new single, they implore you to lose yourself to that juxtaposition.’’ — Irish Times (songs of the week), Nialler9

“Clocking in at over just over four minutes in the length, the tracks is a stripped-back, hook-filled effort taken from their self titled debut EP, Cut Once, suggesting some serious potential for the fast-rising pair.” — The Thin Air

“Occupying a space between the “big synth” sound of Daft Punk at their most menacing, Cut Once find a sound that is defined as their own. An impressive feat for a first impression.” — The Last Mixed Tape

Johnny Rayge
Indie-Rock Singer-Songwriter Johnny Rayge has been a mainstay of the Dublin music scene since his previous band ITO first broke into the Irish music charts in 2006 with “Higher Than The Sun”, and has recently taken a more meditative approach in recording his debut solo album ‘Vigil’ to create a collection of contemplative songs as complex as they are catchy, incorporating intricate harmonies and epic choruses to create songs that are “as dramatic as they are musical” (Independent Music Review Ireland).

Johnny’s music incorporates a diverse range of influences, fusing the melodic hooks of John Lennon with the lyrical intricacy of the likes of Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, with his songs ranging from classic rock and roll to wistful ballads, and fusing many different genres in-between.
See the video for the gorgeous ‘Parisien Skies’ here..

 Vigil Reviews:
“Spilling over with energy, raw emotion and accomplished musicianship” – Graham Mooney,

“The lyrics of his songs are both clever and insightful and often bordering poetic.” – Eoin Lúc Ó Ceallaigh,

“Infusing an interesting blend of indie-rock and pop elements, Johnny Rayge’s sound incorporates a large-scale production aesthetic” – Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape

” ‘Vigil’ provides the kind of endlessly listenable aural joy that swells from the speakers of the radio on long summer evenings – with just enough clever complexity to keep it fresh on repeat listens” – Bernard O’Rourke, GoldenPlec

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