Gigonometry Presents… The Gigonometry Summer Special #2 featuring on Hot Cops, Badhands, Any Anything 

Date: 17 Aug 2018
Time: 7:30
Ticket Price: €8/€5 (students/unwaged)/2-night ticket €10

Gigonometry Presents… The Gigonometry Summer Special #2 featuring on Hot Cops, Badhands, Any Anything 

Date: Fri August 17th 2018.

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: The Workmans Club, Dublin 2.

Admission: €8/€5 (students/unwaged)/2-night ticket €10

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Press Release

Our 2nd 2-nighter features a host of quality acts across all genres, from the opening cool of Conor Ward on Thursday to the sizzling closers Hot Cops on Friday. Throw in your two favourite primate acts in Ape Rising and Gorilla Troubadour, the alt-country stylings of Scott Williamson & the Wild Cards, the insanely talented sets of hands that belong to Badhands, and the intriguing Any Anything, who are everything you always wanted but were afraid to ask.

Night 2

The insanely gifted 3-piece Belfast outfit Hot Cops headline. Their brief bio explains ‘”Self proclaimed “good rock’n’roll band” Hot Cops pen sky-rocketing melodies with a sarcastic edge. Pairing the cathartic intensity of light and shade dynamics with slacker wit, the Belfast trio’s taut, precise, and urgently anthemic live act is not to be missed.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Note: Fact-nerds may have noted that the bass player also plays with last month’s headline act Robocobra Quartet.
Former The Might Stef axeman Dan Fitzpatrick fronts his own collective Badhands, who vary in members and numbers but never in quality. Dan’s gift for melodic, well-crafted soaring songs has seen them grace many a class line-up on Dublin’s sizzling original scene and this appearance is on the back of a Knockanstockan’s Spirit Animal stage. Not to be missed.

Dublin/Galway outfit Drown hit loftly highs in its all-too-short life but now re-emerges with new songs, new members and a new name. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Any Anything. Their debut single First Time has received well-deserved praise from blogs such as The Thin Air, who stated “Sunday-driving drums and candid harmonies; the sort of feeling you get when you’re experiencing something you know to be special, but that you know is temporary. The feeling of missing something that hasn’t even ended. It’s bittersweet. You’ll long for it”. There you go!

About Gigonometry is an online group of live music lovers. The 3,600+ members aka Gigonometrists are constantly meeting up to go to gigs and festivals together, share musical as well as gig experiences, and generally enjoy being in the company of fellow music enthusiasts! Gigonometry Presents… is their monthly fix of up and coming original acts; the shows are highly sought after by bands due to the enthusiastic, listening audiences. Each month is highly anticipated by acts and audience, who each play their part in the symbiosis that occurs.

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