Hardy Bucks trio “3 Bucks Left”

Date: 29 Dec 2019
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €12.50 BUY TICKET

Hardy Bucks trio “3 Bucks Left”


Hardy Bucks trio “3 Bucks Left” bring the wild Hardy Buck Humor from the back end of Castletown to the stage. A comedy show like no other, featuring Cowboy Lavin, Frenchtoast O’ Toole and the infamous Michael Salmon who still owes you a tenner.

After an 8 year run on RTE and more recently featured on Netflix. After selling out gigs across the country and abroad you’re sure to get some serious life lessons. These three lads have been through it all, from drinkin, shmokin, fightin to hard times out on the streets. Wind, rain or shnow waiting in line for the dole and looking for a days work. So sit back, hold tight and let these hunks bring you through the madness.

Be sure to get your tickets soon before they sell out and help Frenchtoast get off the drink.

Disclaimer: Frenchtoast may remove his pants without warning, Salmon will likely drink your pint and Cowboy might just steal your woman. All funds will go to support local pubs in Castletown.

 P.S. Bring a change of underwear, no snowflakes need apply.

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