HeadStuff Lectures #9

Date: 05 Apr 2017
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price: €8 online / €10 OTD BUY TICKET

Talks About Stuff You Didn’t Think You’d Care About…

On the first Wednesday of every month we hold a night of ‘Lectures’ by wonderful speakers talking passionately about different topics. They could be about frog memes or democratic revolutions. They could also be about Erwin Schrodinger or Paris Hilton. Or anything in between…

HeadStuff Lectures are not mass, not school and definitely not Ted Talks. This will be an evening of short presentations on anything from popular culture to global catastrophes.

It is hosted by comedian Gearoid Farrelly and features six fascinating Lectures.

It’s only €8 if you buy online or it’s €10 on the door and we’ll have you home before supper.
All online ticket prices are excl. fees.