Jennifer McMahon – Listening Party

Date: 17 Aug 2017
Time: 8pm (The Vintage Room)

‘Part Of The Whole’ is a musical exploration into loss, love and togetherness via jazz, samba, soul and beyond, delivered with an empowering vulnerability.

Jennifer McMahon is an Irish vocalist and composer whose music explores elements that cross musical genres. As a contemporary artist, she continues to explore the capabilities of the voice as an instrument. ‘Part Of The Whole’ is her debut album.


The album explores themes of love, loss, distance, hope and moving forward. (Not to be confused with moving on!) ‘Song For When I’m Gone’ for example, is one part of a conversation she imagined, from the voice of someone who has passed to their grieving partner. But the album also deals with moving forward with hope, purpose and acceptance of who you are, like ‘You Are Free’. And although the themes are delicate, Jennifer hopes that this album will be a source of positivity and understanding for the listener, as it has been for her. You might hear influences by the music of Gregory Porter, Esperanza Spalding, Etta James, fused with Jennifer’s own eclectic musical nuances.

The album features a host of international guest musicians:

Clifford Bond (USA) Piano
Devin Malloy (USA) Drums
Duncan Yandell (USA) Violin
Gilbert Mansour (LB) Percussion
Graham Heaney (IRL) Double Bass
Jelena Soro (SL) Oboe
Joyce Cheung (HK) Piano
Julia Selbherr (DE) Violin
Kevin Reierson (USA) Double Bass
Mark Flynn (IRL) Piano
Matthew Jacobson (IRL) Drums
Perico Sambeat (ES) Alto Sax
Rachel Lanskey (UK) Viola
Ricardo Osorno (Columbia) Double Bass
Ryan Kimbrell (USA) Alto Sax
Scott Peters (USA) Cello
Stephen Haiden (SA) Drums
Tabari Lake (Virgin Islands) Double Bass
Timotej Kotnik (SL) Trumpet

‘Part Of The Whole’ is just the beginning of an expansive career ahead for Jennifer who has already begun writing for her next album, which addresses new themes and features new compositional styles. Building on her skills in producing, Jennifer is set for a prolific life in music.

This album touches the soul in it’s heart-bearing lyrics and, with a voice equally as delicate as it can be powerful, Jennifer brings you on a journey from the most vulnerable places to the most empowering. Join her…..

‘Part Of The Whole’ is set for release August 17th 2017.

The album is almost complete but needs your support to bring it to the finish line. Your pledges will help to fund mixing, mastering, CD duplication and promotion of the album.