Keith John / Partland

Date: 24 Feb 2017
Time: 8pm (The Vintage Room)
Ticket Price: Free Entry

Keith John and Partland play and intimate set in The Vintage Room. Keith John is promoting his debut EP ‘Gathering Dust’ and Parland is continuing to enjoy the success of his album ‘Sing Me To Shore’. FREE ENTRY

Keith John

Keith John began his journey as a songwriter, in a small room in Listowel Co. Kerry, with Glen Hansard sharing his thoughts and feelings on what it was to write songs. This time spent with Glen had an important impact on Keith who says this is the moment he first admitted to anyone he wrote songs and hearing his hero sing a song he had recently written really showed Keith that he had something of artistic merit to offer. The Clare native can certainly never be accused of rushing into his love affair with song writing, instead choosing to take his time and hone his craft. Keith’s music tends to lean heavy on the lyrics with subtle guitar to frame the songs.  The songs themselves are quiet, thoughtful and emotionally charged, almost from another time and place, as if written by candlelight with a train slowly rolling by, you might want to lean in for a closer listen. Keith John’s debut EP ‘Gathering Dust’ is released on 26th January 2017.


Thomas McPartland is a Galway-based singer songwriter who has been writing for close to ten years. His biggest influences range from The Beatles and Radiohead to Nirvana and Simon & Garfunkel. Highlights have included playing in France as well as a recently completed Irish tour. He has also shared a stage with artists such as Damien Dempsey, The Heathers, Ham Sandwich, Picturehouse, The Guggenheim Grotto and Túcan to name a few. His song ‘Hungry-Eyed’ was a regional finalist in the Arthur’s Day contest and also placed in the final 12 of the worldwide Youbloom song contest as well as this well as this years Yeats Song Contest.

He has also released an EP, entitled ‘Lead Me Astray’.

‘You have to lean in quietly to hear him, but you’ll find yourself paying more attention to him then to any other band. A lyrical poet’ – Galway Music Scene

‘A likable soft character in his voice’ – Kevin May, Storyman