LINGO Festival – Words with Teeth

Date: 18 Oct 2015
Time: 2:30
Ticket Price: €7 BUY TICKET

LINGO Festival – Words with Teeth


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This event guarantees something a little different. Come watch a motley collection of gifted Irish writers engage in light-hearted low-stakes competition for your amusement. You’ll see what happens when comedy, poetry and fiction go head to head as we make our favourite writers, journalists and comedians write brand new material and battle each other for entertainment. It can get ugly (but friendly) and hilarious (but touching). Hosted by popular humorist Damon Blake and acclaimed Irish author Sarah Maria Griffin. It’s a show with two teams, six world premieres and a full hour of fun.

Featured artists: James Michael Moran, Tara Flynn, Dave Rudden, Jeanne Sutton, Deirdre Maria Sullivan, Ceri Bevan.