MCD presents Sløtface

Date: 23 Oct 2024
Time: 8PM (Main Room)
Ticket Price: €16.95 BUY TICKET

MCD Presents


Sept 23rd – The Cellar


Sløtface (first called and still pronounced Slutface) is a Norwegian rock-band-collective led by vocalist and main songwriter Haley Shea. 


Sløtface began as a four-piece rock band started by high-school friends Shea, Lasse Lokøy, Tor-Arne Vikingstad and Halvard Skeie Wiencke in 2012. From 2012-2021 the band in it’s first form released two full length albums, the acclaimed 2017 debut “Try Not to Freak Out” and the 2020 follow up “Sorry for the late reply” as well as a handful of Ep’s and singles. The band explores different flavours of pop-rock focused on themes of anxiety, gender roles, family and what it means to belong with their characteristic tongue in cheek lyrics. 


Their early releases propelled Sløtface far beyond Norway’s borders where they toured extensively both as headliners and supporting acts like Pup, The Cribs and Los Campesinos. Sløtface are lauded as a live act you should be paying attention to for their energetic sets filled with stage dives and mosh pits along with community building that sets them apart in the rock scene. Their early releases also saw their music featured in hit Netflix show “Sex Education” and other prominent sync placements. In 2022 Sløtface announced that Shea would go on to lead Sløtface in it’s next chapter after the amicable departures og Lokøy and Vikingstad. 


Sløtface in it’s second and current iteration works as a musical collective, fronted by Shea, working in collaboration with band members, other songwriters, producers and visual artists to create Sløtface’s sounds, musical releases and art, while keeping the sounds and values of Sløtface 1.0 alive and well. The core band currently consists of Tobias Osland (Hammok) on guitars, Nils Jørgen Nilsen on drums – a member of Sløtface since 2018 (Honningbarna), Simen Følstad Nilsen on guitars (Aiming for Enrike) and Marie Moe on bass ( Razika,Slomosa). Sløtface 2.0 returned in 2023 with the EP “AWAKE/ASLEEP” to excited critics and fans all over the world, and are currently touring with a high octane live-show that has them back better than ever.