Not Quite Mass

Date: 23 Oct 2016
Time: 6pm (The Vintage Room)
Ticket Price: Free entry

Not Quite Mass

Every Sunday! The Vintage Room, The Workman’s Club


Are you a Level 10 Sounder? Well listen up! Not Quite Mass is a comedy cult for those who want more than a mundane comedy experience, for those who enjoy stand-up but want something more. This is a brand new comedy experience, rather than a regular comedy show.  You’re not going to see your favourite performers do the same 10 or 20 minutes of comedy you’ve seen before, you’ll see them cutting loose and having fun! There will be games, interviews, panel discussions and lots more madness besides in three 20 minute segments.

Each week will feature a different line-up AND a different programme, but what you can be assured of is that it WILL be craic. Each show will be a fun, feel-great experience.

You can be as involved as you like – or you can sit, relax and just enjoy, there’s no pressure. You’ll have difficulty explaining to your mates at work on Monday what the show is like, but we’re pretttttttty sure you’ll wanna bring them all along the next week. Speaking of Mondays, we kick off nice and early at 6pm. That way, you can come in, have the mad laughs and still be home nice and early (for the virtuous amongst you) so you can be bright eyed to kick off your work week. Can’t say fairer than that, can you? Well, actually, what if we made it FREE? Go on so, it’s FREE IN. Now you deffo canNOT say fairer than that.

Your enigmatic host for the evenings will be the ever-hilarious and debonaire Steve Bennett. He has created a Not Quite Mass Manifesto. You can check it out HERE and see if this is a craic-cult you’re into! Remember, if you want to be sound and have the craic, we can help you. Reactivate the dormant craic nodes in your body. You can do it.

When you study with us at the Church of the Craic, you will find your output of soundness will increase after the very first session, which will help you to have the Craic in your daily life and achieve any and all of your dreams. The sky’s the limit. Come along to one of our free weekly meetings and see the Awakening for yourself.

Church Of Craic Commandments

– Have the craic

– Facilitate others to have the craic.

– Be inclusive in the craic, the more the merrier.

– Don’t have the craic at the expense of those who are just trying to have the craic themselves, unless they are being anti-craic fools and deserve to be punished.

– Stop reading and have the craic.

Not Quite Mass

The Vintage Room

The Workman’s Club

Wellington Quay

Doors 6pm (1 hr show)

FREE! Every Sunday!

Not Quite Mass host Steve Bennett is only delirra to field any questions you might have on Twittles : @stevebennettfun

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