Self-Made II

Date: 09 Jun 2018
Ticket Price: €7/€10 + booking fee. BUY TICKET


An evening of plugged-in performance, discussion, art, and zines, celebrating the work of four Irish acts who are proving that DIY is integral to cutting through the modern music scene.

Tickets: €7/10 + booking fee

♦️ Molly Sterling
♦️ And our panel host Debo Ní Bhroin from Hvmmingbyrd

“The Building Blocks of a DIY Music Project”

Welcome back to SelfMade! This time, our focus will be on the ‘building blocks’ of a music project – in business terms, the assets! This can range from the tracks themselves, to production, visuals, videos, getting your site and socials in order, and essentially, your brand. Each of our featured artists has proven that before any strategy can happen around a project, you need to dress for the job you want, whether you have the support of a label or not.

We’ve invited four pioneering alternative artists to dismantle the building blocks of their project. Our panel will look back on their earlier days in music and lessons learned on the way. Each of our artists will present a recent release as a case-study, and we’ll find out how they’ve thought outside the box as a DIY artist to produce something that’s put them on the map of new Irish music.

About SelfMade

SelfMade is a platform to explore DIY music in Ireland through performance, discussion, and art, with a strong focus on inclusion in music. Our goal is to celebrate the work of DIY musicians and to create a supportive space to explore the realities of getting a music project or career off the ground.

SelfMade is organised independently by artist and music enthusiast, Joanna Bain ( Joanna Bain Art) and Julie Hawk (musician and illustrator – HAWK / Veta Records) in collaboration with a collective of Irish musicians.

How can I get involved?

In the spirit of DIY, we’re keen to hear your thoughts and questions about the project. If you are a musician, artist, writer, photographer, creative, or busy-body of any kind, we are open to contributions. We are also looking for a small number of volunteers for our Smithfield event in February, to help out with setup and decoration. All levels of experience welcome and greatly appreciated!

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