Singular Artists presents Melts

Date: 05 May 2023
Time: 8pm (Main Room)
Ticket Price: €15 BUY TICKET


Friday May 5th, 8pm, Main Room | + special guests Tropics of Scorpio


MELTS are ready to do just what their band name promises to your heart and brain” – PASTE

“Cathartic as heck” – Beats Per Minute

“Distinctly brooding, yet striving to reach beyond that, seeking the vibrance in the outside world.” – Stereogum

“Repetition is definitely the key to MELTS,” says Gaz Earle. “It’s about just keeping it simple and driving and fucking stomping.”

Earle (drums) makes up the Dublin five-piece along with Robbie Brady (keys/synth), Colm Giles (bass), Eoin Kenny (vocals) and Hugh O’Reilly (guitar). This idea of keeping it simple has been woven into the fabric of the band since day one, when back in 2017 Earle, Giles and O’Reilly began life as a three-piece. Different line-ups were tried and experimented with but nothing stuck to begin with. “Colm kept saying we need to get Eoin in,” remembers Earle. “I thought the band was going to be more of a garage rock type thing and I didn’t know if his vocals were going to suit the band. I knew he was great but I was like: no.”

However, after some further insistence and an immediate connection at a rehearsal, Kenny was quickly in as singer. The inclusion of Kenny who, like all the other members have been in various other bands, unlocked something new and distinct in the group. What began to take shape was a band that quickly outgrew their initial intentions of being a garage rock outfit. The raw, simplistic, primal nature of that approach remained intact but soon they expanded into immersive pulsing grooves.

Their album ‘Maelstrom’ gracefully yet potently merges psych rock with touches of post-rock-esque soundscapes, pulsing krautrock, all of which is driven by demented organ wig outs, engulfing waves of heavily textured guitar and a crisp rhythm section.


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