Skyrocket Promotions presents JaVill – Stratford Rise – imBau – Fulvetta

Date: 24 Nov 2023
Time: 7:30pm (Main Room)
Ticket Price: €5.85 - €10.13 BUY TICKET

JaVill – Stratford Rise – imBau – Fulvetta

Thursday 23rd November, Doors 7:30pm, The Main Room 


After a captivating performance at their sold out show in the Bello Bar. JaVill are back to celebrate once more with the release of their up coming single “Rainbow’s child” The 5 piece alternative rock outfit will take their electrifying performance to the Workmen’s main room on the 23rd of November. Check out their newest single “Birthday” available now on all streaming platforms.

Stratford Rise:

Stratford Rise are a new breed of experimental noise rock from Bangor, N.I. Citing influences including DNA and This Heat, to XTC and Gilla Band, they pumped out their frantic debut single Water Running Through Faucet in August of last year. Since then they have supported the likes of heavyweights Junk Drawer and headlined the Ulster Sports Club in Belfast. Latest Release ‘Worlds Fair’ finds Stratford Rise blending jazz, noise rock, funk, no-wave, disco and pop through harsh noise, raw guitar, and angular rhythms, not to mention danceable grooves.


imBau is a shoegaze / noise-rock band that formed in 2023. The band consists of Ranier on lead vocals and bass, Skye on drums, Cormac on lead guitar and Eóin on rhythm guitar.imBau’s music is characterised by heavy and ambient rhythms, with intense emotional vocals that blend together to create a unique and powerful sound. They combine melody and aggression in a melancholic yet energetic style.Drawing inspiration from bands like Julie, Deftones, My Bloody Valentine and Slint; imBau has developed a sound that is both familiar and fresh, with a raw and emotional edge.


A juxtaposition of ethereal dreaminess and big loud fuzzy riffs, that’s exactly what Dublin’s band Fulvetta’s music is; one big organised mess, but one that’s lush and chaotic at the same time.Fulvetta draw influences from a variety of genres and bands. From a dreamy, reverb-laden shoegaze pioneers my bloody valentine and Slowdive, classic 90s bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Hum, and fuzzed up noise from the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, their goal is to create an amalgamation of everything which made them fall in love with music and create their own unique sound.”It sounds like The Smiths met Billy Corgan and Kevin Shields in a Manchester boozer and said fuck it let’s go record a big one .” – Blowtorch Records.