Story Mode: A Night of Tony Hawk’s Soundtrack Nostalgia

Date: 08 Feb 2019
Time: 11:30pm
Ticket Price: €5 BUY TICKET

Story Mode: A Night of Tony Hawk’s Soundtrack Nostalgia

A DADDY Presents Event

After Create a Skater, the most important element of Tony Hawk’s was the soundtrack. Like most of us who grew up in the late 90s – mid 00s, you probably discovered all your decent tunes through the Tony Hawk’s franchise. Story Mode is a night dedicated to celebrating those tunes.

On Feb 8th we will congregate in the Workman’s Club in shared nostalgia of songs from artists like The Violent Femmes, NOFX, NAS, The Offspring, RUN DMC, Dead Kennedys and much more, pulling off never ending combos and a mutual hatred of Eric Sparrow.

You can expect:

DJs playing all the best tracks from Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater through to American Wasteland and then some.

Skate visuals on the big screen all night feat. classics such as Flip’s Extremely Sorry and CKY and Tony Hawk’s featured skaters like Eric Koston, Mike Vallely and Bam Margera.

Lots of arguing over which Tony Hawk’s game is the best *cough* Pro Skater 3 *cough*

Drink specials and lovely pints you probably weren’t old enough to drink when you first heard most of these tracks.

Doors are at 11:30. Tickets are only 5e and are available now from here:

Our Facebook page is here where you can request your favourite Tony Hawk’s tunes for our DJs to play: