Storytellers GIG in Aid of NCBI

Date: 15 Feb 2019
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €5

ONE TIME EVENT – Brew tells the stories behind the music VH1 style…all proceeds/donations in Aid of the National Council for the Blind Ireland (NCBI)…. why this charity? Brew “for the craic” went in for an eye exam even though he has perfect vision and doesnt wear glasses and discovered he had glaucoma!! 5 surgeries later: 1 in the right eye and 4 in the left it seemed fitting to raise awareness of the importance of getting your eyes checked.. Had he not gone in for an exam he wouldve woken up BLIND one day!!!! Brew is also a regular supporter of SightSavers… Glaucoma is a silent killer as it doesnt hurt and you wouldnt even know you had it if you didnt go for an eye test….

Gig to be held upstairs of The Workmans Club in an intimate setting called the Vintage Rooms. Get there early for good seats! FIVE EURO admission charge to go towards NCBI and their amazing work:

SPECIAL GUESTS include Emma Hynes and Kevin Casey!!