Date: 15 Mar 2019
Time: 8PM






Synk will play The Workmans Club on Friday, March 15.

Special Guests tba.

Synk are a 5-piece Contemporary Electronic/Progressive Rock band based in Dublin. Their elaborately textured sound and performance takes influence from Psychedelic rock, Drum & Bass, R&B and Folk.

Synk’s use of powerful, frequently synthesized vocals, polyrhythmic instrumentation, intricate & meticulous drumming paired with a deep synth core gives them a deeply compelling, contemporary sound.

Their live performance contains an impressive level of attention to detail, bleeding song to song in a conceptual manner. Often creating contrasting moods both tonally & lyrically. Vocalist James Lonergan’s lyrics contain themes of Hope, fear, debauchery and morality – with Synk’s sound often shifting between dark, ominous, Phrygian backdrops and stirring, affectionate ballads. Synk’s progressive voice often mixes maximalism with minimalism, pushing their sound into new realms, untravelled.

Listen to Synk’s debut single ‘Out of the Storm’ here: