The Alison Spittle Show

Date: 26 Feb 2016
Time: 8pm - The Vintage Room
Ticket Price: €5 BUY TICKET

The Alison Spittle Show

Friday, February 26th

The Vintage Room

The Alison Spittle Show – Ireland’s best chat programme – returns to The Workman’s on February 26th


Alison Spittle chat show with guests Mark O’Halloran and Louise McSharry.
Mark is a class writer and actor, he wrote some of the best Irish films including Adam and Paul, Garage and this new film called Viva.
Louise McSharry is top of her game with an evening show on 2fm, a book on the way and a documentary on RTE 2 with the snazzy title f*#@ cancer.
Alison is a big fan of both and can’t wait to get stuck in. Expect class comedians and musical guests and a sketch or two.