The Alison Spittle Show W/ Mattress Mick, Joanne McNally and Brilliant Shane

Date: 28 Oct 2016
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €8 BUY TICKET

The Alison Spittle Show W/ Mattress Mick, Joanne McNally and Brilliant Shane

Friday Oct 28th

Hello!! All the stars are out on Friday night.
Behold the Alison Spittle show in it’s new home down stairs in the workmans. I know downstairs it’s a risk but feck it, look at these sweet ass reviews

“Sumptuous madness” The Irish Fecking Times!

“we have an Irish Marc Maron on our hands; we certainly have an Irish Alison Spittle anyway.”

Republic of Telly’s Joanne McNally had a great Dublin fringe.
She recently finished a national tour of her show Separated at Birth which she co-wrote with PJ Gallagher and in less than a year in the business, became the new co-host of RTE’s Republic Of Telly and also sold out her first solo stand up show. In 2016, Joanne performs Bite Me at the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Joanne has numerous TV credits to her name including The Late Late Show, The Seven O’Clock Show, The Afternoon Show, Totes 2014, Panti Does 2015, Ireland AM, Two Tube and The Commute for RTÉ.
here she is being sound about reproductive rights.

We have mattress Mick, star of new film Mattress men. (I’ve seen it, it made me cry and want to call my dad (I didn’t as I was drunk and in a cinema).
He owns a bedding empire but is most famous for his marketing.

Shane Clifford is a comedian from Tralee, Co Kerry
Shane is relatively new to the stand up scene, having already been semi-successful making strange and funny videos in his house and putting them on his Facebook page ‘Shanes Brilliant Page’.

Shane was encouraged to do stand up when his loyal twitter fans sent him the following tweets –
“Shane is the best comedian in Ireland hands down” – @rubberbandits
“You’re probably marketable” – @bubufinehouse
“Try your shtick on stage and we’ll see how far you get” – @junisthumbjugs

find him on twitter at : @brilliantshane

The first Alison Spittle show was made a year ago!! check it out