Top End Romantics Division: ‘A 5iver 4 this Shite?’

Date: 26 Jun 2023
Time: 8pm (Vintage Room)
Ticket Price: €5 + fees BUY TICKET

Top End Romantics Division

Monday June 26th, 8pm, The Vintage Room


Tombo, Magee, Fortune and friends reading some poetry, with all proceeds going to charity.

What’s up,

Dyou wanna hear some nice things about the affirmative qualities of life? Well get t fuck then, and contend with TERD.

The first Top End Romantics Division event sees the dastardly group of bastardly bollixes indoctrinate the Vintage Room in the Workman’s Club, scaring the hoes to a point where they could portentously go away and leave. For those that stick around, TERD will combat your imaginations with a curated night of poetry and adequately-constructed word structures, thumping your head with its broken-ended bottle made of funnies, snarling criticism, creatine, political potency, and absurd treatments of everyday shit.