“Una Armada Epica de Amor”

Date: 02 Aug 2016
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €5

“An Epic Armada of Love”

“Una Armada Epica de Amor” is a collaborative concert between Ireland, Spain and South America with the twin objective of raising funds for Doras Luimní, an organisation that promotes and protects human rights, and rocking the socks off anyone who comes to the door.

Our line up for the night begins with the Buzz Monkeys, Ennis Town’s answer to “what would it be like if the Sex Pistols had talent and a sense of humour?” They brought the house down last year, leaving the crowd begging for more, which a year later, is exactly what they’re getting.  Los Paddys de Las Pampas will keep her lit after that, a blend of intoxicating South American Folk and Irish traditions, an honest to goodness toe-tapping knee slapping dynamo, fresh from touring the green fields of France, one of the hardest working bands in the business, no doubt. Our headline act on the night are the rising stars of the Madrid rock scene, Sin Arreglo. One of the lunatics, and they are lunatics, that run this asylum of banditos was an EFL student in Ireland several years ago and has been looking for the opportunity to return with his brothers to really show us what they can do.

There is a narrative out there, we have all heard it; the world is a bad place and it’s getting worse. We get to choose our narratives, we get to make our stories and we get to decide what kind of world we want to live in. Tuesday is an opportunity for Dublin Town to tell those who would use fear to divide us, loud and clear, that we are the people and we will not be taught to hate. An Epic Armada of Love this way comes. See you in the Workman’s.