Veta Sessions #2 • Moonlookson, Participant, Lyndsey Lawlor

Date: 23 Jan 2020
Time: 7.30PM, The Vintage Room
Ticket Price: €5 + (Pay What You Want) BUY TICKET


Veta Sessions #2

Moon Looks On, Participant, Lyndsey Lawlor

January 23rd, 7.30pm, €5 +


Veta Sessions, Dublin’s brand new intimate concert series continues on Thursday January 23rd in the newly refurbished Vintage Room of The Workman’s Club, Dublin.

Originally founded in a Berlin apartment by artist-led group V E T A, Veta Sessions is a living room style show that aims to create a musical experience like no other. The night features three acts of different distinction, while encouraging conversation and collaboration between artists, creators, listeners and industry alike.

In September, VETA relocated to Dublin, keen to find a suitable Irish living room that could continue the tradition. However, Dublin’s tiny apartments posed a problem! With the help of The Workman’s Club, it was decided; they would just have to create their own living room right in the middle of the city.

VETA are proud to collaborate with The Workman’s Club in launching Veta Sessions on Irish soil. January 23rd will be the second in the series, held in the newly refurbished Vintage Room, featuring a stunning line up of Moonlookson, Participant and Lyndsey Lawlor.

This is an extremely limited capacity show, with only 40 tickets being sold. Tickets are on sale now and operate as a ‘Pay What You Want (€5 minimum)’ initiative. All ticket proceeds go directly to our artists – every cent – so please pay what you think is fair!

Veta Sessions was founded by artist-led group, VETA, who helped to develop such acts as HAVVK, Sive, Maria Kelly, Dyvr and St. Bishop.