You Talk Funny

Date: 10 Sep 2017
Time: 8pm (The Vintage Room)
Ticket Price: €5 BUY TICKET

What? This Sunday night? Music and Comedy

-for just a 5er?? That’s insane!

This weekend You Talk Funny will be hosting a workshop in the Workmans followed by a wonderful showcase gig on Sunday night 8-10pm.

Some comedians are just back from Edinburgh fresh off the comedy stages over there, there are some who have prepared and polished their new sets  after the workshop, and some even who have never done stand up who will be performing for the very first time!  (see if you can tell the difference!)

Coupled with great comedy we have a fantastic performance planned by the mellifluous tones of Lydia Perry, a fantastically talented musician who gives great insight into her music and the inspiration for the songs. You’d be mad to miss it! Its only 5 yo yos! Just go!