#GoldenBeck – #15
Artists: The Statics, Gavin And Thee Icons
Date: Thursday, 23rd July, 2015
Venue: Workmans Club
Doors: 8pm
Tickets: FREE – Available on door

#GoldenBeck is here – Summer is here – The Statics Single Launch is here.

For this month’s #GoldenBeck, we’re teaming up with one of our favourite bands as they launch their brand new single – ‘Get On It’.

// The Statics \\

The Statics have been keeping quiet this year, but don’t be fooled by the name, all plans are in motion to move onwards and upwards with their newly developed sound. The lads and lady have been writing and perfecting brand new material and now, with much anticipation, it is ready for release.

The music of The Statics crackles through the senses like an electrical charge as their name suggests. But conversely, this is a band that isn’t prepared to be static artistically. We’re delighted to have the Dublin four-piece headline this very special edition of #GoldenBeck. We’ll be celebrating the release of their new single ‘Get On It’ in fine style, by showcasing the energetic, raw and gritty sound you can only get at a Statics’ live show.

// Gavin And Thee Icons \\

Also gracing the #GoldenBeck stage this Thursday are the most handsome garage punk band in the world, Gavin And Thee Icons. Their swoon-tastic brand of trashy Dublin Bay Area garage punk sounds like The Cramps and The Sonics having a drunken brawl at closing time.

Their debut EP “Here Comes Thee Fuzz” is available now on 7″ vinyl, CD and digital download.