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Heritage’s H2 channel launch of “Hangar 1: The UFO Documents” March 28, 2014, encouraged one or more viewer to report a UFO document with all the Communal UFO System (MUFON), in accordance with testimony in the Event 54384 from your MUFON experience reporting repository. The watch had a knowledge about 10 but had stored details of the event to herself until a few scenes in the “Hangar 1″ exhibit depicted things that resembled his sighting that is authentic. The ” 1 ” symptoms derive from MUFON scenario files and the first event was televised just morning that was last. “My family and I were hiking VA, in the Beginning Landing Park, in July 2012,” the witness explained. “The camping ground is correct Fort Story, next to the Combined Expeditionary Starting and faces the Chesapeake beach side of Virginia Beach.” Once the object was observed, the experience was on his approach to the toilet. ” to the camping shower, I walked up Around 10 a.m. and discovered what looked like a-50- flying above the beach spot best towards the base at a slight eastward perspective. I dismissed it figuring it was something or a kite, to be uncommon however it hit me. I looked backup and featured at it for some minutes.’What is that?’ I said everytime wanting to rationalize it being a balloon, many times.” The item was described by the experience.

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“however it looked incredibly reliable and did not transfer in any respect. If it were breezy enough to get a barrel-formed kite to fly, I would expect it to go or swing somewhat. However it didn’t.” And a witness that was second wandered by. “As he transferred, I termed out to him,’Hey, what’s that?’ The gentleman looked a few moments, seemed up and then simply said,’I-donot know’ and maintained jogging.” Military planes moving into the location were then noticed by the watch. ” I extended to look subsequently found three or two Blackhawk helicopters remove and mind toward the northwest. I said to myself after whatsoever that is, they’re going. As it hovered, when I extended toward the toilet, I kept watching the object.

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The planes did a hook that is westward that is large.” The witness then went returning five minutes later and to the toilet, the item was gone. No photos or movies were included March 1, 2014 with the MUFON report, that has been submitted. Virginia Beach, Virginia, has a population of 449. Virginia includes a present UFO Attentive Standing with a reduced variety of current reports of 5 nationally. Virginia had 8 reviews in January 2014 – the best reporting state that is 15th – while California had 59 stories – the highest reporting condition while in the country. You can read more details about additional recently noted situations at the Examiner homepage. The estimates were modified for understanding. Please bear in mind that most UFO reports may be discussed as something pure or man-made.

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If Va MUFON reviews back with this event and investigates, I’ll release an update. Please report activity. “Hangar 1: The UFO Documents” is seen at 10 p.m. ET Friday nights around the H2 station.